ESP is a foundational platform for integrating lab operations.

Through collaboration, L7 Informatics builds comprehensive solutions to uniquely address your complete workflow needs. By incorporating your functioning IP solutions, ESP can alleviate your operational pain points and increase efficiency. Because operational excellence stems from better use of resources and faster,
higher quality results.

the heart of ESP:
A software foundation for scientific process and data management.

ESP organizes your scientific and healthcare operations around different data-rich workflows. ESP encompasses not only wet lab operations but also supports full integration of analysis and reporting, drastically reducing the amount of IT “machinery” required to manage, process, and analyze samples all while maintaining end-to-end data provenance throughout.

ESP: apps
ESP runs discrete software modules with specific functions.
ESP: Ordering & Submissions
ESP: Samples
ESP: Containers
ESP: Inventory
ESP: Analysis
ESP: Reporting
ESP: Dashboarding & Monitoring
ESP: Data Navigator
ESP: Global Search
ESP: connectors
ESP interfaces with common lab instruments and software systems.
NGS Sequencers:
  • Illumina
  • ION Torrent
  • PacBio
  • Oxford Nanopore
QC Instrumentation
  • BioAnalyzer
  • NanoDrop
  • QuBit
  • DropSense
Software Systems
  • LIMS platforms (e.g. ClarityLIMS, MiniLIMS)
  • Informatics platforms (e.g. CLCbio, Galaxy, DNAnexus, Opal)
External Operations System
  • Billing and ordering systems
  • Inventory and document control
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs)
Compute Platforms
  • Job Schedulers (LSF, Slurm, OGE/SGE, PBS)
  • Clouds (Bluemix, Amazon, Azure)
platform services

Automated metadata creation
Data linkages
Data provenance
Custom fields/extensions
Mapping to external sources
Data model versioning
Search and query development
Data/metadata maintenance
Custom extension export
API access
data catalog

The L7 ESP abstracts key elements of enterprise operations

  • Giving users the flexibility to implement their specific methods

The L7 ESP manages the underlying computational, instrument, and data resources

  • Streamlining deployment and integration with external resources

The platform is highly customizable to user requirements

  • In-house developers or L7 engineers can extend your deployment
process catalog

Process execution engine
Process tasks
Operational reporting
Bottleneck identification
Process/pipeline creation & maintenance
Process versioning
Process export
Process provenance
Real-time monitoring
API access
custom solutions for your environment
The choice is yours.
Whether you’re using our complete solution or complementing your existing tools with a handful of our apps, ESP enables streamlined sample, process, instrument, and inventory tracking to facilitate better communication between lab technicians, managers, bioinformaticians, and scientists.
Using ESP’s powerful REST Application Programming Interface (API) and Command Line Interface (CLI) tools, you can build connectors to most major laboratory instrumentation and software platforms. We’ll work with you to conduct a lab audit and help determine what option is 
right for you. You’ll have the option to build the connections and content yourself or have L7 
build them for you.
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Let’s work together to solve your workflow challenges.
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deployment + more info
Platform-agnostic implementation for maximum flexibility.

ESP was designed from the ground up to work in various deployment scenarios ranging from single workstations to the cloud. If you require computational resources, L7 will work with its infrastructure partners to develop on-premises appliance and cluster solutions, as well as multi-site and cloud deployments.