high-performance genomic cloud
A solution built for genomic-scale workflows.

The L7 High-Performance Genomic Cloud addresses the gaps in traditional commodity cloud and SaaS infrastructures, providing a complete “Enterprise-as-a-Service” solution. Orchestrated by Enterprise Science Platform, the Genomic Cloud was built using dedicated cloud resources and was designed specifically for genomics and other data-intensive sciences

genomic cloud architecture

how is the L7 genomic cloud unique?
L7’s comprehensive and complete software stack streamlines deployment and operations. The Genomic Cloud works seamlessly with Enterprise Science Platform (ESP), BioBuilds, and our cloud partners' job schedulers.
With a virtual network infrastructure featuring a dedicated VPN, VLAN, and single sign-on support, the Genomic Cloud offers secure access with no additional setup or costs.
By partnering with the world's foremost cloud providers, which has data centers on five continents, the Genomic Cloud can reach customers anywhere with region-specific cloud regulations.
The L7 Genomic Cloud features tightly coupled storage, high memory compute nodes, and a fast internal network designed for high-throughput genomics. It has support for up to 500 compute nodes and more than 10 petabytes of storage, supports remote, on-premises, or hybrid cloud models in isolated single or multi-tenant instances, and is designed from the ground up for scientific computing.
ESP is the backbone of the interface, orchestrating all data movement and analysis, automating analysis and reporting. Sample and data tracking, protocol and analysis pipeline management, and powerful reporting tools offer a complete enterprise-scale data management platform.
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