Health Systems and Precision Medicine Centers

ESP automates processes and manages data across various silos such as patient consent management, specimen collection, sample preparation, wet lab processing, NGS sequencing and advanced informatics. Informatics can range from bio-informatics to machine learning and AI. ESP cross references all the data across the process silos and allows this data to be easily accessed while providing the necessary documentation for regulatory submission, operations and audits.

This enables health systems to focus on the clinical pathways and treatment protocols and leave ESP to automate and streamline all the workflows and data capture across the clinical pathway in a cGMP and HIPAA complaint platform.  ESP integrates to various scientific instruments, medical devices, imaging systems, EMR, ERP, lab, informatics and digital pathology systems to provide end to tracking of the patient treatment with complete audit capabilities. ESP overlays on top of existing systems and provides complete dash boarding and reporting across the business process.

It also provides best of breed apps such as an NGS LIMS that can replace legacy LIMS systems from research and core labs.

Health Systems workflow

Key benefits
Our platform allows for better collaboration between researchers, physicians, nurses, informaticians by placing them on a single operational platform with full audit capabilities.
By knowing and keeping all your data in a cross-referenced single repository helps expedite queries about the patient treatment status, easily search for patient cohorts and capture treatment outcomes and costs to do outcomes research.
ESP helps you provide superior diagnostic service and with decreased TAT while giving you increased confidence in the results.
Our platform is able to provide reliable and easily accessible data documentation to facilitate accurate submissions for regulatory approvals.
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