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lab operations assessment
Let us evaluate your operational efficiency.

Our Laboratory Operations Assessment (LOA) service provides an independent review of your operational efficiencies and finds areas of opportunity for improvement. The LOA process involves on-site interviews with all of your key stakeholders and evaluates their roles and their pain points. Once we’ve completed the LOA and presented our results, we can work with you to custom-tailor an ESP solution.

We offer flexible deployment and training services.

L7 Informatics will deploy ESP onto your preferred compute resources and build connectors to your designated instrumentation and software platforms. We will also help you develop and build workflows into ESP to let you hit the ground running. Training on ESP is included in our implementation services to make sure all your operators are well-versed in all things ESP.

We’re excited to help you build or optimize your bioinformatics pipeline.
Provide us your analysis goals, and we provide you with a pipeline.
Take an existing published analysis and create a custom pipeline.
We identify computational and data flow bottlenecks in your existing pipelines and increase performance by 2-10x.
architecture + data strategy
Let’s get you started in analysis.

Our architecture + data strategy service is intended to help customers with data-intensive workflows create a data architecture roadmap specifically for their needs.

We help you understand the parameters that matter, and we navigate the many hardware options with you to recommend the right combination of components for your needs. Our roadmaps outline solutions that scale over time, focusing first on your 18-month goals, with expansion points at regular intervals beyond.

We’re also proud to leverage strong partnerships to provide services.
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